Friday, May 26, 2006

Vini, Vidi, Da Vinci Code

I had a different blog post all set to go for days.
Each time I tried to post, something prevented me.
First, trouble getting on –line (when only moments before I had no trouble).
Then, couldn’t get onto Blogger.
Then, Blogger was in eternal load cycle.
Then, I thought, it’s Fate. She’s saying, don’t post that. Post something else.

Instead, I’ll post about a book I’m trying to read:
Veni, Vedi, Da Vinci code. I came, I saw, Da Vinci code.
Not the movie. The book.
I think I know why it was successful. The concepts that form the core of the book give voice to things, lingering doubts, folks have harbored for a while. It’s not the writing, because structurally, it’s atrocious. I want to see the movie, but can’t until I finish the book and the book is near unreadable for me. It’s full of info dumps about the past, info dumps about history, info dumps about characters, all strung together with a languid style of prose that leaves me cold in my tracks. But, I persevere. I think story is sometimes in the eye of the beholder, same goes for structure. One man’s Bauhaus is another man’s shanty. What thrills me leaves others cold and damp.
I find the lecture note style doesn’t allow me to get into the groove. I’m interrupted too much. Which is sad, because I like the main character. I’ll finish it of course, and by that time, the movie will be on DVD, and I’ll get it through NetFlix.

On a lighter note:
Taylor, way to go! Finally an American Idol I can get behind.
I’m more of an America’s Next Top Model fan when it comes to reality TV. With writing I need to be careful where I put my free hours, but I have to say, I did click over a few times just to hear him sing. He reminds me of a male Janis Joplin, minus all the drugs. I used to hang out at this blues joint that served hot hot hot tex mex, called the Abeline Cafe (in lower Manhattan). They had open mike nights. Guys like Taylor would sing along with the crusty musicians as they jammed. A friend wanted a cool place to take his older brother when he came to town. I suggested the Abeline. That night, in the audience, was Ron Wood (Stones?), who got up and jammed with his buds. Needless to say, the older brother was impressed. Especially since his younger brother, like myself, were in highscool, so how could we even hope to know anything 'cool'. The Abeline is stil in biz. May stop there if we don't do the Dinosaur grill in July when we head down to NYC to take in the Met, and some comic shops.

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