Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Artist Alert: Bring the Universe to Heel and Make it Do Your Bidding

One of my good, very crazy friends, a former housemate I lived with during what is classified as “the ten ninety eight years” (picture animal house circa late 80’s early 90’s - 1098 was the addy), was full of excellent observations on life.

A favorite of his “You’ll sleep when you’re dead” was applied often when someone would complain that they just couldn’t stay up any longer and continue on with what ever questionable, insane, dangerous, or all of the above, activity was taking place.

Another one he is fond of, which I paraphrase, he arrived at after a long conversation one hot summer night. It concerns August. He determined that August is truly the weird month of the year, and the most dangerous. So, per Matt "Fly low under radar, starting a few days before August hits your shores, and stay low a few days after it supposedly leaves on the slow boat to next year, just to be safe”.

This is a truism. Every year, August comes around, and the world gets crazy.

You’d think it would be December, the month full of tension raising holidays and such. Or even March. We've all heard Mad as a March Hare. But no. It is little old August.

Perhaps because it’s a combination of the fire sign Leo, big and loud and brash and not too careful about who’s guts get eaten by Lions. Perhaps its because Virgo kicks in next. You know, Virgo, the sign where nothing is ever right enough, or perfect enough, and every compliment they issue comes with a disclaimer. I don’t know. I always assumed it was the heat. Just ask Icarus. You get too close to the sun, bad things happen. Like your wings melt and you fall out of the sky to the hard earth below. Sunscreen won't help here folks, no matter how high the SPF.

Well, I’ve learned my lesson. And I fly nice and low, at a cruising altitude, and my Augusts have been pretty good most years.

But this August is special and it's making me break the pattern. I'm sending this to all and sundry, a message that you can make this month shine for you.

Mars, it would seem, the feisty red planet, is traveling in Gemini air space. Gemini, the God of thieves, liars, salesman and politicians. The sign that can’t shut up and can’t sit still, and thinks way too quick for all the fail safes and filters in the brain to kick in. The sign that rules all communications, and creativity surrounding communications.

Mars, this planet of aggression, and action, and feisty get up and go is traveling through the air space of the spacey, quick silvered tongue sign of Gemini. What does that mean? It means there’s going to be a lot of communication, and it’s going to stir up commotions, and there’s going to be a lot of excellent energy to put behind communication and create a commotion that can lead to greatness.

So all you writers and artists out there, get cracking. This is an astrological boon, despite the fact that it’s happening in dangerous, sly August. All the astrologers agree, that this is the month to really get out there, get your name going, or, to tap the deepest parts of the creative well, and come up with some amazing finds.

In addition, Jupiter, the planet of rewards and success just went direct again in August, meaning actions you take now will yield excellent results and sometimes bring in way more than you expected.

Don’t believe me? Check out my favorite astrologic site: Astrology Zone
For even more, try Star IQ

Japanese business men and Nancy Regan can’t be wrong. Make the forces of the universe do your bidding for once. Take advantage of what energies are swirling out there. So even though this is August, and Matt’s First Law of Survival dictates to fly low under the radar this month, I am a Gemini and impacted by Mars: I say get out there and move and shake and rock and roll. Because in September, Venus goes direct again, so not only will you get rewards from Jupiter for August Mars inspiried activity, you’ll get tons of love coming back at you from the planet of hearts, flowers, romance and beauty.

NOTE: I’m hoping to lure author K.A. Mitchell over here to do a guest blog. K.A.’s newest release is part of Samhain’s “A Midsummer Night’s Steam” collection. Custom Ride will be available this Friday, and it’s a slamming hot story, for a slamming hot month!

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