Monday, February 11, 2008


Hola, all.

I apologize for the protracted absence. I could say I was kidnapped and held hostage on another planet, or, journeying in the Amazon with a band of hot mercenary soldiers, but no, the sad reality remains: I had to get Immortal Illusions completed in the midst of all kinds of other life related adventures. None of which, by the way, were particularly adventurous. Well, some were. But more on that later.

It’s 2008. You know I’m not one for resolutions. But I’m making one anyway. Regular blog posts.

As to 2007, here’s a quick summation of what happened, what I learned, and all kinds of other stuff, in no particular order.

From the Hard Knock School of Old Home Improvement:
If you have a house older than 50 years of age, with wallpaper of the same generation or older, wear a damn particulate mask when taking it down. The alternative? The nasty mystery virus that knocks you on your ass for 6 months and freaks out your doctor, family and friends. Yes. 6 Months. Expect to sleep a lot. Like 14 hours a day. It’s easier to wear the mask, folks. Trust me on this.

From the Realtor:
“Women came to earth from an alien planet years ago. They survived. The dinosaurs did not.”

The unspoken message in this? Volumes. I guess now I can say not only am I descended of Cossacks and Vikings, but dinosaur slayers as well. Not too shabby, and may go a long way to explain the aggression and temper issues. And here I thought it was an unfavorably aspected Mars in my natal chart.

From my DH:
The cinnamon sugar cookies are the best. Ever. I’ll post the recipe this weekend. They’re also called Snicker Doodles, but that is a lame name. And they are really super good.

From House Hunting:
When it’s right, it will be right. When it’s ready, it will be ready. When it’s time, it will be time. Until then, enjoy the ride. Because it’s only getting crazier. And no one is on the polite company list anymore, so strap in and hang on.

From my latest book, Immortal Illusions:
If the spirit wants to move you, for God’s sake, don’t get in it’s way. It packs one hell of a punch.

From my readers:
Hands down, House Hunting in Wonderland and the Mars Venus Conspiracy Theory threads that transpired as a result are the favorite reads. Look for more wild tales of the great house safari, as well as dark and curious ruminations on the state of the sexes in 2008. Since we'll be listing our house as well, we should have some very cheeky stories when it all gets up and going. (I just hope there are no arrests.)

And, last, but not least, to my oldest friend, Bryan Anthony Sierra, may he rest in peace:
Yes, we were both the kids our parents warned us about. I’d love to post all the reasons why, but we both have reputations to consider, and I don’t mean the ones we’ve spent our lives trying to live down. By the way, I know it was you behind the Giant’s Super Bowl victory. Via con Dios, amigo. See you on the other side.

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