Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Biggest Loser – Rudy Pauls - Adios

Here’s a secret: I love the Biggest Loser. Was an avid fan. But this season, I stopped dead in my loyal tracks last week. Why? Believe it or not, it came down to one contestant. The litmus test for me. Rudy Pauls. I can’t stand to watch another minute of his sanctimonious lectures or his blatant duplicity. There have been plenty of heels on this show throughout the seasons, but something about his level of callous disregard for honor and keeping his word, mixed with his insufferable lectures on goal setting and trust, is beyond intolerable. Rather than watch the train wreck any longer, I must vote with the remote.

So here’s one fan, shutting off the show. He may or may not win. It doesn’t matter. I can’t stomach him a minute longer, and I pity the people still left with him that have to interact and deal.


. said...

"Sanctimonious" -- thank you, that is exactly the word I was looking for to describe that person. I bristle every time I see his face.

I applaud you for your choice.

Suatee K said...

i used to watch the biggest loser, though i haven't followed in a bit. But i undersand your feeling about the 1 person in the show that forces you to stop watching any longer... it's not fair.
Good use of ur remote!

Ursula said...

Thanks 'Said'. It really came through last night in the finale. I was so excited for Danny winning.

Ursula said...

Suatee K - thanks. Sometimes you need to take a stand, even in the privacy of your own home.