Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Coming Soon: In the Flesh

Well, I suppose you could say it took long enough, and you'd be right. But timing *IS* everything so lets say I'm being fashionable as opposed to dallying, and call it a day.

Here's the update on my soon to be released Contemporary Paranormal Romance Novella: IN THE FLESH. (note - cover not trad romance. book more horror-esque w/some gross and creep factors. release date - w/i a few days.)

Buried Secrets. Lost Love. Unspeakable Evil.

Investigative reporter Angel Malone lost her professional reputation and the love of her life, FBI Agent Colt Lannigan, chasing down a missing persons story riddled with conspiracy and dead ends. Now she’ll risk the only thing she has left to prove a mass murderer is behind the disappearances – her life. All she has to do is break into an abandoned insane asylum and steal the proof before the killer turns up.

Angel thought she was ready for anything. But with Colt's reappearance and the raw heat of their attraction surging back to life, and the evil madness hidden in the bowls of Parker Sanitarium, she realizes this sick and twisted game may have an higher price. Unsure if Colt’s an ally or an enemy, she’ll take the fight to the front lines, and brave mad science, magic and ravenous ghosts all in the name of truth and a second chance at love.

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