Wednesday, July 26, 2006

5 Things

This is a quickie: 5 Things I learned this week that were good.

1. Boba Fett is an excellent enforcer for our Crit Group. It’s not surrendering the cash we fear should we not meet our monthly goal, it’s the galaxy’s most infamous, relentless bounty hunter coming to deliver punishment.

2. The 20 page love scene, while ‘wet’, is appropriately ‘wet’, and works in the context. It also shows character growth (no pun intended) and sets up the first black moment. And most people liked sex in the desert gazebo. One crit partner wanted to go there. Me too. Another one ordered two Gideons to go. Mission accomplished.

3. Killing your hero is okay in a romance, as long as you can resurrect him in the next chapter. (However ,you must be more clear about the little Egyptian mummy.)

4. Since your characters really don’t exist, the can not technically posses your soul, so I don’t need to worry about all the strange changes described in the previous post.

5. Clerks II still has me laughing. And, at the heart of the story is a romance. But not Boba Fett. So perhaps it all doesn’t come down to Fett? Nah. (I'm also not sure this qualifies as learning something either, but it is cool to be sitting in the cube farm and break into spontaneous laughter because you recall a clip or a bit of dialogue. It takes the mean out of the average workday.)

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