Saturday, August 12, 2006

Intrigues, Thrillers, Fire and Ice

Books are one of my weaknesses. Chocolate, Boba Fett, and good, dark beer (stouts and porters) are some others.

I just picked up 4 more Harlequin Intrigues. For the most part, they tend to be consistent in quality and performance, and I have a list of authors that always seem to churn out great reads with plots and elements that I like. I never feel the risk with them the way I do with some single title romantic / mystery suspense. Admittedly, 2005 and 2006 had more bad purchases and half read books for me, mostly in Romantic Suspense. Prime issue seemed to be decent first or second/third chapters, nose dive after that, and/or weak characterization.

So: just bought:
Beautiful Beast by Dani Sinclair
The Hidden Heir by Debra Webb
Vow to Protect by Ann Voss Peterson
Undeniable Proof by B.J. Daniels (the second book in the series Cape Diablo)

I’m planning to buy Tess Gerritson’s The Mephisto Club in hardcover. Yep. That’s right. I just can’t hold out for paperback. I try to think what draws me about her writing and I think it’s a combination of tight plot (which is unusual because she has a very organic approach to book building), and her superb ability at characterization. Of note, she got her start writing Harlequin Intrigues. I suspect that the consistency of editing, and the medium of category helped her hone her skills. Nothing focuses on characterization like a category. (at least, a good category). When I read one of her books I know I am getting the layers and depth that will transport me, and make me not want to leave my seat until the book is complete.

Other things happening: Fire and Ice in 2007
Tim and I are considering an Icelandic vacation vs. a Las Vegas adventure. If we just do a short jaunt to Reykjavik, we can do that, AND, a Vegas adventure. Fire and Ice , we may be able to swing both. I want to go to Iceland in June, around the 17th, as Reykjavik has the Viking Festival going on. Of course, the Northern Lights winter package is equally seductive. Vegas has the spa at the Bellagio, and a high end weapons range to offer as an antidote. And, if we pick a certain time, it has the weekend of hell known as McKee’s Story program. In that case, if I’m under contract, a portion of the vacation can be taken as a write off. Other than the occasional gaming fest, or writers conference, we don't take vacations: something we decided this year to change.


Jean said...

Go to Iceland and invite me to go with you and Tim.

Christine said...

Fess up, you're into blonde viking Gods too!