Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's just one of those days...

Today’s quandary:
The Great Web Site. WTF, over?
I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll consider it an electronic business card at this point.

Today’s entertainment:
Trying to get the new Civic in gear on the great hills of Troy. I have new respect for gravity. And will shortly be buying new tires for Happy. (The car’s name. Tim HATES that name, but I think it rather fits. It seems like a happy little thing sitting in the driveway). I peeled out so bad at one light the elderly lady behind me stayed several car lengths to my rear. I guess she thought I might be some crazed street racer. Maybe two decades ago, sure, in this case, I just can’t get the feet to act in concert with clutch and gas and keep stalling my ride. It’s more impressive when I do it with the SUV. Folks forget those babies DO come in standard, and when I let loose in the six cylinder yuppie-mobile, you can hear it across the damn Hudson. No wonder I make Tim nervous when I drive. The good thing about stick is it’s the only way to keep me engaged enough to be safe behind the wheel. I zoned too much with automatic.

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