Friday, July 07, 2006

Working for the Weekend

There is crazy mad plumbing stuff happening in my house this weekend. The house is about 100 years old give or take, and the plumbing is ‘do it yourself’ in the worst way ‘do it yourself’ can be done. It started in the upstairs bathroom with a handle valve leak. Hopefully Tim can replace the handles/valves vs. cutting and refitting pipe. I am thinking positive thoughts for this outcome. We had the downstairs bathroom redone immediately upon moving in. (Had no choice. It was covered in two inch thick gold shag carpet, and that was the good feature.) We should have had more shut off valves installed. As it is, cold water is off to both bathtubs (up and down) but works in the kitchen sink only.

I will earn so much income from my books, though, that this is merely a temporary state. Once the royalties start rolling in I shall have all gold fixtures and pipes installed as befitting my station. Yeah. Right. If I can even work on editing this weekend, that would be great.

Still, I wouldn’t trade the house for apartment living, even though I now have enough brown paneling to open my own 1970’s era lodge. And we won't even mention the black/yellow/salmon/orange rug dotted with giant letter E’s in my kitchen. Though I'm beginning to wonder - renovations, or relocation? Was my psychic correct? Is it really time to move on. The scales were once favored against a move, but I have to say, I'm seeing them level off. Who knows...

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SpecRom Joyce said...

"I will earn so much income from my books, though, that this is merely a temporary state."

Dude, I tell my husband that all the time, too!