Saturday, September 23, 2006

This, That, and Lucky Number Slevin

1. The Website is up. MuseUnplugged. Very barebones, for now. We plan to add in the blog as the home page, but for now, just bio and links.

2. If you have a hankering for an almost retro style crime noir film, see Lucky Number Slevin.

The movie was very Asian in it’s approach. There were no real heroes, and yet there were. Very karmic destiny. And done in an engaging, interesting manner. One thing I found appealing was the way they use character viewpoint flashback – al a the unreliable narrator. You’re taking what people ‘remember’ to be true, but this ‘memory’/ ‘flashback’ is simply one character telling another character something that may or may not be true. But because we see it early, and in such vivid detail, the audience assumes it’s truth. When in fact, it’s lie. And we see it happen this way, flashback story/lie imparted by two separate characters in rapid succession, to two other characters, and those moments form the foundation for the rest of the story. Brilliant! I love movies that can twist and turn. This was kind of Hitchcock meets toned down Robert Rodriguez with a dash of John Woo. I can’t tell you the real story line without blowing the whole gig: but basically it’s “Karmic destiny visited upon two crimelords as a result of a case of what appears to be mistaken identity.” You won’t be disappointed. It’s a long, rich flick that doesn’t rely on flash bang to pass the time, and instead rolls up it’s sleeves and gets into some serious story telling.

3. Tim has me hooked on these Collectible Miniatures Game with what else: The Bounty Hunters. Though we have rare Mandalore the Indomitable, we do not have Boba Fett or Jango Fett. I warned him off bringing them into the house, but no, he did not listen. And now I am addicted and won’t be able to stop until I secure the younger and elder Fetts. I suppose there are worse things that I could suffer from. The games seem fun, too: skirmishes set up based on point spreads, with alternating movement of opponents. More wargame than roll playing. I’ve considered running Star Wars RPG for our group, but my time’s so limited I couldn’t do it justice as a GM. Currently we RPG in Savage Worlds once a month with friends, for a Saturday session that starts out with a big meal, good beer and conversation. We go till about six or so. In fact, it’s on today’s schedule. A welcome antidote to reality. I have brownies baking in the oven, and vanilla frosting to add once they’re done. We plan to try and hook our two friends into the CMG as well. What good is an addiction if you can’t share?

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