Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday Stuff

Good News!!!!
The website may be coming soon to a URL near you!
I have the template and content out with someone who’ll work on getting it to the site.
I want to have my blog as the front home page, but we’re not sure we can make it work. I’m sure there’s a way, though. There’s always a way.

I decided for now the website is more of a business card kind of tool. The blog is what I’m active on. When I ultimately publish, I can reconfigure, and use it more.

We had a great turn out for the chapter meeting today. One thing that came across clear: our chapter is a very active group. Out of 40 people a number are published, and many more are actively seeking publication. A bunch of folks announced completed manuscripts. One is out to a publisher. Four members have books coming out in October. There were lots of reasons to celebrate today. And Gayle Callen did a bang up program on revisions. Then Tim and I went to Uno’s for dinner. I carbo loaded with the Rattlesnake Pasta, and that must be why I feel so relaxed!!!!

This weekend is dedicated to completing the detailed scene outline for Nobody's Hero. Luckily, I have plenty of stout in the house, and very neat strong coffee flavored with Cardamon. Cardamon was used cross-culturally throughout antiquity and is still used in current day in all kinds of spells involving love, passion and creativity. It is also considered a spice that puts 'fire into the blood'. Last, a lesser known use: magical enhancement. Like the color orange, it's a potentiator that can increase the magical power of the other elements in a spell. It's also tasty and smells nice: peppery sweet and mysterious.

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