Monday, September 11, 2006

Weird on Monday

A weird day.
There’s an eclipse coming. September 22n’d I think. Eclipses mean serious weirdness. Which means today was merely a prelude.
It’s a corporate America kind of weird, though. That kind of weird is an ever present thing, and I believe some days I notice it more than others.

Lucky Number Sleven arrives from Netfix tomorrow.
I’m ready for a wild action movie. And, for more weirdness, I went to highschool with Lucy Liu. Of course, I had 700+ people in my graduating class.

I’m near about ready to complete the formal outline for book two. There’s no way this book will fit into 75K words and make any kind of sense. I need 80 minimum. Maybe even 90. It’s the damn artifacts. Weird. I know. But hey, it’s Monday. Right? And we’re 11 days out from the eclipse.
You’ve been warned.

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