Friday, September 15, 2006

Catching Up

OMG!!!! I took my first Access Class today. I can’t wait to get into class two. I’m really getting into this database thing. I’ve always been the one requesting data, now I can create and manage and report. This fits well with all my diabolical plans. Actually, once I’m done with all classes I’ll be more independent from IT resources, and I’ll be able to do some much needed database building that will enhance the work process and make everyone’s lives easier. I’m all about working smarter, not harder.

Work’s busy, but entertaining. Writing is entertaining, but busy.

Tomorrow is the first meeting of my RWA chapter since we broke for summer after the June Conference. I’m excited because I have a copy of my friend’s book a month early. I ordered from Harlequin’s website, so I got an October book in September: A Cowboy Like No Other, by Christine Wenger. She’s coming down from Syracuse, I can’t wait to surprise her!!!!

I’m also excited because we secured Deb Dixon to do Book in a Day for the June 2007 conference, and our 2006 end of year, and 2007 all year program is near complete. We have only 4 slots to fill, and 3 we always do with visiting authors, so in reality we only have 1 slot that we’d like to fill with a member presentation. It’s great to plan ahead, and get the hard work out of the way so you can enjoy yourself!!! This weekend’s presentation is on Revisions, with historical romance author Gayle Callen. And, I’m going out to brunch at the conference hotel before the meeting. So Saturday promises excellence all around.

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