Friday, October 27, 2006

Supernatural, super awesome

Okay, I sound like a lame fangirl. But Supernatural was really good last night. This whole season’s been spot on for me. But last night, I don’t know: it all came together the way the Brandy, Fruit bits, and Red wine do in Pancho’s sangria. The dialogue does it for me: the script writers get ‘banter’ and the actors know how to deliver it without chewing it up. And, they actors also get the ‘physical’ side of the job. They have good body English. Many actors these days either go overboard, or, are completely wooden or whiney. These guys have the game down.

I think what I enjoyed most about last night’s episodes were the intrusions of real life into the surreal demon fighting. At one point Dean wishes he could eat something that wasn’t heated in the microwave of a quick stop. At another point, someone puts an REO Speedwagon song on the juke box, and he looks up, an expression of utter horror and shock twisting his features. Later, he and Sam are arguing about heavy issues, and Dean says he wants a ‘do over’ and his brother gives him ‘a look’ that totally says “What the F##K” and says “What are you, seven?”. Another character is able to influence minds in this episode, and as he’s telling the clerical worker at the county court records room not to worry about them being there he says “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”.

Maybe you have to watch it to get it, but it all knit together so well. I was impressed.
Sometimes it’s the little details that are subtle, that combine for one helluva punch.

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