Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Web Angst

So after going through the angst of creating very minimal content for my website, and having a very wonderful person get it up there for me, I am now facing the dreaded REDESIGN.

I finally took the FrontPage class, so at least I understand more terminology.

You’d think I could handle this? I was a managing editor of the student newspaper, back in the 'lay it out with a wax machine and cut and paste via scalpel' days. But alas, no. I must have lost that perspective in the late 80s, along with an assortment of critical brain cells.

I drafted out what I think it should look like. This I did after attending an amazing workshop on web promotion, and the NJ RWA conference. My trouble lies in the fact that I love the photoshop art on my entry page, and apparently entry pages are in the top five of the NO NO list. Also in that list is the layout structure of my template. My pretty Lilac Noir template. I’m hoping this can be shrunk down to fill a corner spot on the home page, but it’s debatable if that’s even possible. AND, to top it all off, I may need to change the name. Or not. This is really too much decision making. I feel like if I make one misstep, I am a goner. Oh, and let me not forget: the blog gets an overhaul too.

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