Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Unit

I watched an episode of The Unit last night. I really enjoy that show. Tim follows it regularly, but yesterday was one of the few times I watched it without the benefit of the DVR and commercial crowd control. I found myself anticipating the show during each break, because the story line was great and so where the actors. And when it was on, I didn’t multi task. No reading a book, or making notes on my writing. The Unit had and maintained the entirety of my attention span. It’s like Nirvana, because it all comes together well. I like the play between the wives lives and the soldiers lives. The guys remind me of guys from special warfare units I knew back in the day. I’m sure there’s creative license taken, but the way it’s packaged is very attractive, and very alluring. And it has Dennis Haysbert. Who I think is fabulous in anything, even his State Farm commercials. I was very glad to see him as a lead for another show. I missed him after 24.

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