Monday, October 23, 2006

Tiny Bubbles in my You Tube

So last night I was at a fraternal order’s bar. The room was paneled, lighter than my living room walls, but roughly from the same 1970’ish vintage. There was a large man singing torch songs to a karaoke player, with an amazing amount of style, while folks danced. The bar had captain style chairs you’d find at someone’s home. The bar surface topped out just above my knees. The bartender was in a sunken pit, serving drinks and trading barbs with the singer. Then, they passed out the bubbles. And the singer sang “Tiny Bubbles” while we all blew bubbles into the air. The closest person in age to me was my husband, then the gap went up by about 20 years and climbing, but we all sat around laughing and blowing bubbles, while folks danced and the man sang karaoke. I swear I felt a lightening in my heart, like so much I’ve been carrying around just faded away like the tiny bubbles. I had a great time.

Then the next evening, I made another discovery.
YouTube and Book Trailers, and such.
Wow. I heard they’re increasingly popular as a marketing tool.

What I found interesting was that many had only a soundtrack, and scrolling or fading words over a varying backdrop that might or might not include people. If it did include people, they were usually in stills. I thought if you were doing video, you’d want to show more action. But that would mean using actors. Not always that good a thing. Below is a link to Jame's Patterson's Judge & Jury. I liked this one the best of what I checked out, and I wonder: since it was one actor, no special effects, was it cheaper to make?

I wonder what this produces in terms of real results and if you’re able to track this? Or is it just one of those kewl kinds of things? Not sure.

Anyway, here is another site: Book Trailer Park. They review trailers. Kind of a fun blog, neat links. And, there is YouTube. Man. There is some serious weird fun on that site. Enjoy.

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