Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Immortal Protector - from there to here...

So the journey to publication culminates today in my official first release!

Immortal Protector is finally out. You can read about and buy it here, and read an exerpt here.

Talk about a wild ride.

Took a year almost to the day to realize, from concept to creation to release.

I think what surprised me the most was the work that followed the acceptance by Samhain.

Yes, I knew intellectually I’d have revisions, and stuff. But I had no basis for comparison, so going through each step was a very unique experience. I guess a part of me thought I'd get accepted, and then sit on my lounge popping bon bons and drinking dark beer while the book elves did the rest of the work. Yeah, right! Actually, there were book elves who did an incredible amount of work: the art department, my editor, and the line editor. They all put so much energy into getting this book ready for publication, I am forever in debt to them, and completely amazed. I don't think I realized how much of a team sport publishing, good publishing is. And I'm glad. I'd hate to be in this crazy storm alone.

So far, my favorite part other than the acceptance email, was was receiving my cover art. Tim read the email first. I was in the living room and all I hear from his office is “Holy S%*T, your cover art is amazing!”. Thank you Annie Caine. I had to describe to her what I was looking for in a cover, and I am terrible when it comes to art. But somehow she read my mind and when I saw the picture for the first time, I almost swooned.

Edits were great. Angela James took the time to write detailed instructions and comments through out the entire manuscript that helped really beat the draft into shape. I’ve seen other writers go through edits where they get a general letter and are left to their own devices. I never would have managed to get to this point if it were not for the help of Angie. What I liked best was that the comments were specific, detailed, and always positive.

I had a first revision, followed rapidly by a second that was far less intensive. Then came the line edits. Again, I was fortunate. I had a great line editor with great comments, and an excellent eye who found a host of loose ends that needed policing up.

I thought I was done, but no such luck. The weekend of my RWA chapter’s annual conference I had to select exerpts. This was hard for me. I wanted to pick the right pieces, without giving away the good parts of the story. That is easier said than done.

Now, I think for the moment I can catch my breath. No more work on that book, except for publicity. I'm not sure what I'll do - maybe beseech the pagan Gods (like Seth, the Egyptian God of Chaos who makes many appearances in said books) to bring me much fertility in terms of readership and orders? I'm sure my neighbors would enjoy that. Perhaps I'll invite the Realtor, too? He was funny: we had him over to look at our house, and he saw my cover on the 'fridge, hung by a magnet. He's a very professional, very earnest, yet 'sarcastic in a good natured and subtle way' guy. He peers at it, looks down at me, and says softly and with some confusion "Who's Ursula Bauer"? So I explain the pen name, the first part, and he brightens. "Did you get Bauer from Jack Bauer on 24?" "You bet!" I answer, which seemed to make his day.(The guys in his golf league are all obsessed with the show). And I did steal it from our boy JB. I love that crazy guy. Nothing says action, trouble, conspiracy, and romance under pressure like Jack Bauer. Somehow, it just seemed to be correct for my prefered idiom.

Okay, you’ve read enough of my blatherings, go check out the website, and read a bit of the next NYT best seller!!!! while I search around for more trouble. (*wink*wink*)

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