Sunday, July 15, 2007

Value of a smile? Priceless.

The week I had some great things to smile about. Here are 10 in no particular order.

1. Immortal Protector – Great reviews including a 91 from Ms. Giggles. Yes. A 91. And I’m a keeper. I’ll post all the reviews tomorrow. I can’t resist. Makes me tingly all over.

2. Someone very serious that I respect and find very entertaining as well sent me a wildly inappropriate email. (How wildly inappropriate? Like screaming dildo at the top of your lungs in a crowded theater. Or farting at a funeral.) It was completely hilarious. Both the fact that they sent it, and what it contained. I laughed for days, once my heart restarted, that is. Hell, I’m still laughing. And I have no idea if it was intended, or an accident. That’s the best part.

3. My cat’s obsession with the bed, and it’s being ‘made’. It’s been war every day, a race to get the binkies in place before my OCD 17 pound 14 year old Main Coon scrambles ungracefully onto the bed and settles in for the king of the mountain match. I swear, faced with that kind of single minded feline mania, it’s hard to keep a straight face.

4. Tim’s text messages.

5. My first EVER fan letter. I am floored by this. My writing touched someone else, and they touched back. WOW!!!!! I'm still reeling!

6. My first EVER royalty check.

7. Great press over at No Limits Ladies.

8. Reading this weekend in the summer breeze on my three season porch.

9. Cocktails and tarot with good friends in the heat wave complete with rolling brown outs.

10. My handyman: I discovered quite by accident that not only did he mud the newly framed and built out tub surround, but he repatched several areas of issue on the walls of the rear parlor - the walls I've stripped of years and layers and layers of wall paper and other unknown substances. Patching was not on his list, either.

Here's hoping I can pay some of this forward and send a few smiles out of my own. It's top on this week's list of 'To Do'.

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