Thursday, July 05, 2007

For the writer and the financier in all of us...

Check out No Limits Ladies, a woman’s financial freedom blogging community. Kimber Chin of Client K kindly gave me a chance to spout off on the top five things I did to gain enough time in my life, while working a corporate management job and managing a home & marriage, to get Immortal Protector written, submitted, and published.

I’ve been reading K’s blog for about a year now, stealing all kinds of tips to help me in the corporate world, so it was fun to be able to repay the favor. Now I'm hooked on No Limits Ladies as well, working to build a solid foundation and future.

Go take a peek. Besides my post, there’s a ton of great information on both No Limits Ladies and Client K. Business and finance are important considerations for everyone, especially women, and ESPECIALLY writers. Achieving comfort, and security, can be part of the ticket to open you to creativity without feeling too much risk. Who doesn't have the desire to be financially free to follow their bliss? It's not too much of a distant dream, but it takes drive, sacrifice, moxy and know how. And you can find all that and more on both blogs.

On the back burner: more house updates. Mars has his revenge when I tour a DUDE house. I’ll post on that in a few. Still trying to get my bearings after the visit to that strange world.


prlinkbiz said...

Thanks girl! I have been loving your series on NLL!

Ursula said...

Glad your enjoying it! Happy to pass on any tips that can help.