Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scandal anyone?

I usually take the fall and winter off. And start back up in Spring. But Spring, in my neck of the woods, doesn’t start up till well into May. So there it is, my official excuse for not blogging. The real life truth would raise hairs, in bad places, so I’ll leave it up to your fertile imaginations.

I had plans to talk about noble things, and I will for a moment: Check out Brenda Novak’s auction, man is there some FINE stuff for sale, for authors and readers alike. All to benefit Diabetes research. So Go Go Go to Brenda’s auction, but after you read the blog.

Second, I thought to pimp my book. Immortal Protector is now available in print. Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Nobles, and all your favorite Indies can get it. It’s on Ingrams. So go forth, and shop, but after you read the blog.

Third, for a kick off and a catch up, let me say, that the Great House Hunt in Wonderland has concluded in that (a) we purchased a new house and finally, after six months, managed to finish our move and (b) we sold our old house.

But first I want to ask you a question. What do Walgreens, The Vermont Country Store, and Adam & Eve (The store, not the couple) all have in common?

Think on it. I certainly did. See, I was walking through my local Walgreens, from Pharmacy to the front desk, and looking around as I always do, because it’s rather a Turkish bazaar in there and you never know what kewl stuff you might find. And my eye, as it is wont to do, was caught fast by a fancy little bright blue item with five attachments, heaped with other similar items, in a sort of quasi shelf bin. Naturally the adventurous sort, I had to explore, and went for a closer look. And what to my surprise did I find? (So did the attachments give it away, yet? Yes, I thought it might.) A vibrator. That’s right, friends, Walgreens, The Vermont Country Store, and Adam & Eve all sell vibrators.

For all you social scientists out there who were wondering what changes the baby boomers would have on society as they aged across the continuum, stop looking at the predictable ones and check out the fun ones. Marketed as a ‘personal massager’ it was the same item I’d seen featured as something else entirely, right down to its bright blue jelly finger attachments. Because a rose by any other name, still smells as sweet, and with a watch battery...well...you get the picture. But it doesn't stop there. Nope. I live near Vermont, like spitting distance near, and the Vermont Country Store was a little more front and center in the marketing of said vibratory devices. They decided to add it as a product line, and raised quite the ruckus doing so (Some good ruckus, some scandal ruckus, but it all amounted to increased sales.)What was funny about that - the owner's son or sons, I believe, were agahst that Dad wanted to add this product line. Not the other way around. I swear. And that's what makes it cool.

I don’t know why I’m blogging about this, other than it all makes me smile. Kind of the way those Sponge Bob Square Pants Burger King commercials make me smile. Surely it’s not because I write romance. Perhaps it's because I don't feel as crazy when it seems the world is buying into a little crazy itself? All I know is that it is proof that the sexual revolution is still game on (and I for one am thankful!)

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