Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Orgasm takes 20 years off your life. In a good way.

I turned 41 on June 16th of this year.

A curious thing happened on June 20th. I got proofed at the door to roller derby. No one else around me did. Once I got over my initial shock, I promptly told the young man I loved him. Tim had a great laugh. But it all left me wondering, now how exactly did that happen?

I deduced it had to be the NARS ‘orgasm’ lip gloss I purchased at Sephora. The clerk said it was amazing, and boy, he was not kidding! So amazing it knocked 20 plus years off me. That’s more than amazing, that’s freaking voodoo.
Here are comparison pictures, with Orgasm, and without. Proof, I think, that the big O is good for us all.
You be the judge.

The night in question (Wearing Orgasm lip gloss, and among other things, Sex Kitten eye shadow. Sort of had a theme going. I mean, come on, it was Roller Derby after all.)

One week earlier, signing books at my local RWA chapter’s annual writers conference. Not a speck of orgasm in sight, unless you count all the sex in the books. But I was signing that, not wearing it. I think the evidence speaks for itself, don’t you agree?

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Carol63Storm said...

So Ursula -- how come you never look half this sexy at our RWA Chapter meetings? LOL!!! Love your blog -- come over and visit mine sometime!