Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In the Stars - Check it Out

This is a quickie. For all you astrophiles, and astro-curious, here are 4 sites I go to all the time.

Astrologyzone (Free, monthly, my total favorite)

Truth Star (Free. Yearly, Monthly, Daily, Weekly, Love, Career, Everything but the kitchen sink. Lots of fun.)

Cafe Astrology (Free, same assortment as Truth Star, but more of a Western approach. Truth Star is heavily Indian influenced, which makes it really fun. Cafe Astrology is a little more run of the mill, but very well done. Also has Yearly.)

Tomorrow's Edge (Partial monthly is free, and posted about mid month the preceeding month. The rest of the report is available for a few bucks. Well done, and very dramatic as only Brits can be.)

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Carol Storm said...

Hey Ursula! It was great seeing you at the conference last week! I just started a new Carol Storm blog called THE STORM REPORT. It's over at Blogspot.