Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gothic goes Mountain...blurb from A Haunting Affair

Contemporary Paranormal Romance, Gothic tone, set in the Adirondack mountains. No Sasquatch, but does have ghosts, psychics, a high body count and a few hot men. Tentative release date: July 2011

My first indi pubbed release is not too far off, so I decided to post the back cover copy. Yes, I know, still need to update the website and all. Will get there. This is my summer of Island Time, so I'm taking the as it comes when it comes approach.

Ex-cop turned private security consultant Sam Tyler made a deathbed promise to uncover the truth behind the murder of his friend’s wife at a remote Adirondack lodge, and his sense of duty won’t let him fail. When he realizes the case is at a dead end, and the lodge is haunted, he fast concludes his only hope of making good on that promise is Emma Bishop, a psychic with a shady past. He’s a man who believes in hard evidence and stone cold proof, but with too little of either, he’s ready to take his chances with Emma.

Emma grew up with con-artist parents, but went legit when she hit eighteen. She knows the action at Holloway Lodge is a dangerous game, but one she needs to play if she plans to build on her already formidable reputation. Falling hard and fast for Sam Tyler is an unwanted complication she never sees coming. Not only is he a former cop, he’s looking for happy ever after, and she sees love as the ultimate liability.

The dead demand justice and she can’t turn away, even with a murderer drawing a target on her back. As old secrets and fresh bodies turn up, Emma and Sam race against time to bring the truth to light. Neither plans on the attraction they share kicking into overdrive, but with danger and passion heating to the flash point, life, and love are put to the ultimate test.


Deebee said...

Love this authors work! Can't wait to read this one!

Ursula said...

Cool!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!