Monday, June 13, 2011

My Girls

There are all kinds of witty things I can post on, but I'd rather post on kitties. It's a dreary, rainy Monday, cold for June even in the frigid north east. Kitties are fun and furry and always make the day a little brighter.

Here are my two ladies, recent additions to our house. The orange one is Bizzy (short for busy body kitty, she is the nosiest cat ever, into everything, and our little explorer girl.) The tiger is Val (short for Valentine). She was a feral, named for Valentine's day, and it was a perfect choice: she loves everyone and has an amazingly sweet temperament. (Biz makes up for that).

We adopted them, one on a Saturday and one on a Sunday, at a Pet Adoption clinic, a few months back after our 19 year old kitty passed to the summer land.

Bizzy was marked as 'cranky' and 'danger/beware' on her cage. I think it was the red hair that did it. We are cranky and dangerous too, so figured she'd be a good fit.

Val loves sleeping upside down when she's not trying to love and groom everyone in sight, or beating up the cat toys.
They never fail to make us smile and we're lucky they picked us of all the humans that came by Petsmart that weekend!

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Stefeathers said...

Your girls are beautiful! Good thing you have them to cheer you up on this second cold & gloomy day in a row!