Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Of course, you know this means war

It's hot. It's after Memorial Day. That means gardening. And war. Me. The woodchuck. The plants hang in the balance.

This year I went small, last year not at all, but my new strategy involves whiskey barrels (yes, once again whiskey saves the day). Previously I'd planted in them, now I doubled up, so the top barrel half is raised waist height for me (I'm 5'9"). Fingers crossed this will keep the critters out of my stuff. As an added protection, I planted a Shepard's crook into the barrel half, and hung a planter off it filled with the woodchuck's favorites: petunias and flat leaf Italian parsley. The main barrel has cherry tomatoes, more parsley, basil, Greek oregano, and German thyme. Very international. Smells amazing! Especially in the rising heat.

The barrel of sage must not be on his tasty treat list. Each year it remains in the same spot, untouched, growing bigger and bigger. The bees and butterflies are loving it this year, and the blooms are out of this world purple. At sunset they seem to glow.

But let this not be a lull, more so a call to arms. I'm ready, if there is any foray by the critter across the borders, I will get the have a heart trap and we will tangle.

On other notes, A Haunting Affair is almost ready for release. It's in production now for formatting, and I'll be updating the website to have all the relevant information. Very exciting, a garden and a new book. A good way to venture into June.

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