Friday, September 02, 2011

Up to no usual

Lately I've been doing mini-trivia kinds of posts over at the Kindleboards, on each of my three books. They're like blogs, so I'm going to post them over the next few weeks, and keep it updated as not everyone searches the kindleboard book bazaar (as I was recently informed!!!!! :-)   ) I've hadreader feedback that folks are really enjoying more of an 'inside baseball' kind of scoop. The posts range from what got me going on the book, to strange facts (like how it was a friends house that was trashed in a demon fight in Immortal Protector and now that's a fav bar tale of the same friend), to the influence of League of the Superfriends and The Mighty Isis. (Yes, it's true. None of this is made up. Some days it would be nice to say fact is indeed not as strange as fiction, but in my life the two seem to be tied at any given moment)

Here are the links to the individual threads if you want to read them in one stop shop fashion. You can save to your favorites to continue following the thread, or just pop back here periodically for updates. I'm not on a particular time table, but I try to shoot for at least every week to two weeks on the boards. I'll be adding the updates over the next week or so to this blog.

A Haunting Affair

Immortal Illusions

Immortal Protector


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