Monday, June 11, 2012

Platform technology and something really usefull

There is a HEAP BIG TON of stuff now on author platform. So I decided, let me check stuff out on my blog and see what platform it reveals. Which lead me to the conclusion my author platform is as follows: Food, booze, monkeyshines, and the occasional foray into weird science and Internet gossip. I am not certain if that is meaningful, but there it is.

I did find something recently that is VERY MEANINGFUL for writers, experienced and aspiring. Or rather something from someone: Kowloon by Night, the site and the blog of editor/writer Adrien-Luc Sanders.

He edits for Entangled Publishing, and on his blog he's posted a raft of his editor tips dispersed via twitter feeds from 2011. You should visit here, and stay a while. Read the whole post collection of tips. It will take a bit but it's so totally worth the time. First, it's funny. Damn funny. Second, it's helpful. Third, it's irreverent and occasionally absurd (the best part).

He also has a fascination with Kowloon, the walled city of Hong Kong and has a great section on it. Also has links to wish list and cattle calls. Check it out, lots to read, and you won't be disappointed.

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