Friday, August 17, 2012

Sewer Corn: Local Grown in Troy NY

File this under: Only in Troy (NY).

Let me preface: Troy, NY, my adopted home town, is nuts. Things happen here that happen no where else on the planet. Nor should they. Troy has what peole call "Character", as well as all other kinds of monkeyshines. Currently I reside in Brunswick, on the eastern border of Troy, though if the postal service had it's way I'd be considered Troy. We call it the 'disputed lands', and leave it at that.

Anyway, a few weeks back driving our local route out of the city (Troy) we noticed corn growing wildly. Brunswick is heavily agricultural, so that was not weird. But we were solidly in Troy, and the corn was not growing in the park, in someones front yard, or even in dirt. No, it was growing out of the sewer drain. So, Troy, known for so many things like South Troy (It's own universe that is ready to fight you), a history of 2 police forces that dueled it out for supremacy, and the creation of disposable collars, now can boast, in addition to it's fantastic Farmers Market, locally produced urban farmed Sewer Corn.

Gives new meaning to the phrase "Locally Grown."  You are what you eat, folks. (Note: for locals this is the sewer on the Northeastern corner of Ingals and Oakwood Ave.)

It's actually pretty tall. It is growing up through the vent and that fuzzy thing that pops out of the top of really tall cornstalks is just making it's appearance. I estimate several feet of stalk well below the grate. NYC grows alligators, but upstate, we are more tame, and sustainable.


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