Wednesday, April 17, 2013

60 Seconds to Sin: Microwavable Single Serve Chocolate Chip Cookie

File this under: Holy Crap, this REALLY works. No Lie.
And also stick it in: My Hips Say No but My Stomach says GET IN MY BELLY!!!!

This is a single serve deep dish chocolate chip cookie that really serves 2. It takes about 7 minutes to mix, and usually 60 seconds in the microwave on high to cook. Yes. 60 freaking little itty bitty seconds. This cookie is sin in a dish. The recipe came from Linda Blesser on Facebook and I had to try it in the test kitchen because I did not believe it would work. But it did. And I tweaked the recipe just a smidge because I'm a nut for chip cookies, have my own recipe, and generally can't leave well enough alone. For full on chocolate chip cookies, or any kind of chip cookie base, see my basic  chocolate chip cookie recipe.

This is a very easy desert to make fresh for two, and I bet if you had kids, an easy way to make a quick desert for them, without having to do up an entire batch of cookies, because really, then you'd be obligated to eat them all, right? Right!

First: some recipe notes:
*DISH SIZE/TYPE: For dish I used one of the medium sized ramekins, so about 2 cup sized, flat bottom. It is microwave safe and allowed me to press the cookie flat. A pyrex 1qt glass container will work too but give a thinner cookie. So in that case do 40 seconds, then go up to 60 if it still needs to cook more.

*CHIPS: any kind, even peanut butter. Yup. It's that flexible. I prefer the white chips.

*TOPPINGS: deep dish cookies call for toppings, so ice cream, and, for the adults, Godiva Chocolate liquor and/or Butterscotch schnapps. Or Baileys. Be creative.

Basic Ingredients:
1/4 cup flour

a little less than 1/4 teaspoon salt. (about 2/3rd of the 1/4 teaspoon)

1 large egg YOLK (if you use extra large, add enough flour to compensate. since you're off script, you'll need to eye ball that yourself)

1/4 teaspoon vanilla (I usually add 2 since I have my own chip cookie recipe that heaps in vanilla)

1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar

1 Tablespoon White Sugar


Basic instructions:
Just as with chocolate or white chip cookies, soften the butter and blend in the sugar. In a different container, separate white from yolk. Mix vanilla and egg together, toss in salt, and add to the butter sugar mix. Once well blended, add the flour and mix together, then the chips. 

It will seem like they won't all go into the mix, and you may have to toss a dusting of flour in and then sort of press in with your hands, and then press into the dish so that the edges touch. that is why a flat bottomed dish works well.

For your first one: TEST your home nuke (microwave). Start with 40 seconds. Take it out. it should be puffy and the top a little bit dry looking like a finished cookie, but if it is still soft and falling on itself, give it the next 20 seconds. On a dry day 60 seconds will do the trick. On a humid day or if the wet ingredients are very wet for what ever crazy reason, you may need 10 seconds more in 1 or 2 increments.

So once you establish that time, which is on average 60 seconds, you are looking for a cookie that is slightly firm when removed, not sinking in on itself. It needs a minute or two to "set up" but should be soft inside, yet not uncooked. You'll know it needs 10 seconds more if you see it has yellowish insides that seem wetter than the top. Then go 10 secs n check, 10 secs in check. You'll need no more than 20 additional seconds, but as I said, most likely 60 will be your sweet spot.

Let it rest for like a minute or two. Use this to get out the ice cream and booze. Then, have at it. (if it's for kids, leave off the hooch, okay?)

I think this recipe is so easy it should be illegal.

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