Thursday, June 06, 2013

Chocolate Sauce & The Ice Cream Cocktail

Who said cold comfort is a bad thing? Chocolate Sauce (a legitimate cocktail on it’s own) paired with ice cream creates a kind of smooth slide down your throat and turn you all kinds of mellow comfort that screams decadence, yet whispers simplicity in it’s assembly. The kind of simplicity and adaptability that makes it oh so suitable for the evening aperitif designed to round the edge right off the day. 

If you really want to go all in, build it and dump it on the 60 second microwave deep dish cookie. I’m giving up my favorite cocktail recipe here (even though I’m sure someone out there on the inter webs has done it more formally), and I’m including the variants of Chocolate Sauce (Milk Chocolate Sauce, and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut [aka Sinful Sauce – tastes like boozy Nutella]).

I give the main proportions because if you’re doing it in a bourbon glass like I did for the photo and most nights, you’d end up with a shot of chocolate liqueur and ½ a shot of butterscotch schnapps, where as, if you’re going for the bowl, you need to upsize? You dig? Yeah, you dig! [ps Legal drinking age only]

Chocolate Sauce (In all its guises) is a favorite after a hard day cocktail, and adding the ice cream makes bliss and fairy dust and wonderful explode right inside of you. (If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. Or if you believe me, try it.) One is enough to make all wrongs right and ease you right into the groove. So without further blathering, behold - cocktails!

Chocolate Sauce (for those who like smooth)
Proportion: 1 part chocolate liqueur (I prefer Godiva) to ½ part butterscotch schnapps

Milk Chocolate Sauce (for those who like sweet smooth)

Proportion: 1 part chocolate liqueur to ½ part butterscotch schnapps & ½ part white chocolate liqueur (oh yeah…but wait…it gets better. Read on.)

Sinful Sauce / Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce (For those who like sweet, smooth, and sinful)
Proportion: 1 part chocolate liqueur to ½ part butterscotch schnapps & ½ part white chocolate liqueur & ¼ - ½ Frangelico (or hazelnut liqueur, but really, is there any other that’s acceptable?!?!?)

Ice Cream Cocktail
Your Favorite Vanilla Ice Cream (it doesn't have to be lactose free unless you're me) scooped to fill the container (I use a bourbon/or/highball sized glass, and on occasion, a 1 cup sized bowl)

Add your favorite Chocolate Sauce (based on above recipes, sized up or down depending on your needs.)
Example: in the bowl, I use two giant scoops ice cream, and a decent sized shot glass to measure out the Sauce and did 1 full: 1/2 for plain chocolate sauce. I tried measuring it in for the bourbon glass, using a graduated shot and it turned out to be 4 tsp:2tsp:2tsp:2tsp for the full monte.
It may not sound like a lot, but in a small glass, the ice cream fills the space, and then you throw on your Sauce and let it melt just a bit. That's when the magic starts. Bigger container = larger serving = upsize the Sauce.
For variations try:

Ultimate Sin Cookie

Dump the assembled Ice Cream cocktail on top of the 60Second Microwave Single Serve Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie (recipe here)

The "I Am Out of F’ing Control And I Don't Care"

Top Ultimate Sin Cookie with boozy whipped cream available at all fine liquor stores and add sprinkles of your choice,, and if you don't mind the cancer risk, a maraschino cherry on top. Then eat it all and impress someone by tying the cherry stem in a knot with your tongue. Just don't choke. Remember, safety third.
The Bare Bones
On a final note, if you can only do one thing, throw the butterscotch schnapps on the ice cream. It really is all you need. ;-)



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