Saturday, May 31, 2008

Excerpt 2: Immortal Illusions

As promised, here's another excerpt from Immortal Illusions, the latest release in the Eternity Covenant. It's all about my favorite burned out Sorcerer, Mad Jack Madden, and takes place during one of the many hell-raising, ahem, I mean hair raising adventures.

Coming soon, for the house hunting in wonderland fans - pictures of the great homestead. The yard and exterior is 99% done, all in bloom, and looking fab.


Excerpt 2: Immortal Illusions

Jack jumped into the abyss and rode the enchanted spider-silk grapple line down into the darkness with Raine clutched against him. The rush of magic burned through him. Tapping Raine was like reliving the glory days.

And kissing her? Nothing in memory, recent or long past, could compare. Certainly his dick thought as much. It was ready to explode. Sex. Danger. Magic. Raine. He wanted more of it all than was smart. He wanted more of her. All of her. It struck him the very second he realized Gia Malinov planned to kill her. The adrenaline and fear mixed with a primal surge of protective energy that propelled him into summoning the last of his magical personal reserves. It had been ten years since he’d last pulled the sword out of the ether. Thank the Gods he’d remembered not only to pack that particular charm, but how to use the damned thing. He’d spent himself then and there, but the kiss made it worth the effort and risk.

She clutched him tighter as smoke plumed up the shaft. The energy connection surged and his dick leapt with the thrill. He’d kill a thousand vampire queens for her, he realized. For the connection. And for the chances and the pleasures she promised. Just like the old days, he thought as they slowed in descent. But better.
It was the vengeance, he reasoned. Had to be that. It made everything sweeter. More intense. He’d had women by the score, but this one, tied as she was to his retribution, made it crazy better. It explained the protective urges, too. Any threat to her was a threat to him and his plans. He liked the neat package. It explained all these weird, uncomfortable emotions she seemed to dredge up.

The spider silk wound down, leaving them hanging in front of the doors to the third lowest level, the staff’s quarters. It would be mostly deserted at this point in the assault. Perhaps they’d pass a roving patrol, but the majority of forces would be concentrated up top and in the two lower levels. Minus the ones dispatched on the auction floor to find him and Raine, of course.

He tapped Raine’s seemingly endless supply of juice. Lust and magic made him dizzy. He’d pay for it all, probably sooner than later, but right now he gloried in the magnificence. Beneath the simple sorcery, the doors parted. Jack swung a bit on the spider silk and was able to propel them both into the shadowy landing. Raine broke free of his hold and her absence left a keen longing. The fatigue from using his own meager internal supplies of magic hit him like a brick to the skull, and he staggered.

“You okay?”

Her soft, throaty voice, full of concern, rallied him. He couldn’t let her guess the extent of how little of his own internal source he had to use, and how much he depended on the external magic of the items he constructed with spells and rituals and rudimentary wizardry in his laboratory. All his parlor tricks were now the paltry sum of who he was. The true days of sorcery were lost to him. Except with her, it was as if they never left. She knew he was tapping her magic, but she had no clue how dependent he really was.

“That kiss was killer.” He straightened and drew two of the stolen modified pistols. The truth was always better than lies to distract. Besides, she was way too smart to be taken in, even by him. “Promise me there’ll be more.”

She sized him up with a dark look, a mix of suspicion and speculation. “You always want more.”

“Of you, yes. Does that worry you?”

She opened her palm, spoke the words of summoning, and the soul blade appeared. She angled it toward the ground, then reached out and brushed a stray lock of his hair back behind his ear. He shivered from the contact. The picture of her, powerful, brave, terribly female, was beyond arousing. She’d be the ride of his life.
“You’re the one who looks bothered, Madden,” she whispered.

He wanted to throw her to the ground and show her just how bothered. Patience, Jack. Timing is everything. He smiled. “I think I like you, Raine Spencer.”

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