Sunday, June 01, 2008

Book Expo Buzz...or not?

Book Expo happened recently in L.A. and here's the buzz.

Which, if you read the article, is not a lot of buzz.

Subdued. Concerned. "Caught in a Time Warp" or "revoultion".

I think the old models are giving way with a serious fight, and the new models that are emerging are taking hits at the anger of the need to reinvent and stay current with the shopping public.

And I agree that the real estate location location location addage applies to independents: these book sellers traditionally can't compete with big box retailers in terms of locale, and co-locating with other shopping stops. If you support an indie book seller, it's by design not by accident. One I support sells most used books via internet to supplement what they have with new and used. They also support our local RWA and are doing our conference book signing, so there's a mutual support there. But the book seller really hustles.

Check it out, see what you think. It's probably the first of many write ups on the event.

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