Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Insider's View: Immortal Protector

When life becomes art, or something like that...

Immortal Protector had a lot of action scenes, that including more than a few places getting wrecked.

For one scene, the hero, Gideon, an Immortal Soldier, fights a demon in the heroine's house. For the setting I used my friend's house, a few blocks over from mine. It was a nice little brick cape off the local park and golf course. A slice of suburbia that bit the dust.

I never told her about this, only that I had a surprise for her in the book, but it was up to her to figure out what it was.

She was psyched when she found it and to this day, when out at bars, still tells people a demon and immortal soldier destroyed her first house.

It's a great reader reaction, and perfect sales pitch.

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