Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ghost Hunters v. Mediums, round 1 (Insider's view: A Haunting Affair)

Ghost Hunters have a different approach to connecting with the spirit world than psychics. Evidence is gathered in abundance via technologic means and then reviewed, and even then, it's preferred for example, with Audio, to have three independent listeners agree on what they're hearing for the event to be considered legit. (also called 'the law of three').

In the case of audio, older tech is better per some experienced ghost hunters. It's believed that an analog tape recorder provides a better 'medium' for capturing spiritual noise, and that digital, while reliable, somehow falls short. However, today's technology allows recordings to load into a computer program, where background noise can be cleaned up, and sound mapped into visual waves, making it easier to identify alleged spectral communication. It's not unusual to have things show up at subsonic levels that are then manipulated, cleaned, and exposed to the naked eye/ and ear. Documentation of this is then determined proof of life, so to speak, where as the Medium only has their word.

In A Haunting Affair many ghost hunters have already debunked the lodge, however, the owner believes there's still a haunting taking place. The ghost is able not only to communicate to the psychic Emma, but brings on several hair raising contacts not unlike a poltergeist. Just like no two mediums are a like, no two ghost hunters, or hauntings are alike, so it allowed me to bring in a unique angle to the ghostly activities in the book.


Marleen Gagnon said...

Wow! I'm thinking, okay Wednesday night is Ghost Hunters night...a post about hunting ghosts...I keep reading and pow-right into your book. Great post. Now I HAVE to get the book.

Ursula said...

LOL! Thanks Marlene! I did a ton of research on ghost hunters and mediums. A Haunting Affair looks at what happens when science fails, when everyone says the place isn't haunted, yet things still go bump in the night? The hero would have loved some good proof other than the say so of the psychic realm. So it was a good source of conflict.

The book I'm working on now centers on a ghost hunting heroine, so I get to explore 'the other side'.